About The Project

Customer had a kitchen that was not only neon green, but in serious disrepair. None of the cabinets worked, the electrical was not even close to being "up to code", the plumbing was leaking, and when you walked into the space you felt as though you were walking "down hill". It was definitely time for a serious makeover.

The Solution

It had to be gutted, right down to the floor joists and studs. This space was the proverbial "can of worms". The amount of rot in this space was astonishing. The floor had to be rebuilt from the ground up and the southwest exterior wall needed to be reframed. The space turned into a huge undertaking. When finished this kitchen is completely new; floor to ceiling. All new electrical, all new plumbing, new light fixtures and a new double hung vinyl replacement window.

This kitchen when from a disaster to a work of art in 3 1/2 "long" weeks. The finished product far exceeded the customer's expectations.